The Wealth Allocation Models, or “WAM”, is a model overlay service comprised of no transaction fee mutual funds and ETF’s with all trading done in-house. With WAM, advisors have a powerful resource to aid in the management of client assets through diversified asset allocation models. WAM is comprised of risk tolerance-based models that are easy to set up and centrally managed by the internal research team at Good Life Advisors. This vastly cost-effective solution allows advisors to deliver innovative strategies while increasing service capacity and expanding the range of clients served profitably.

Benefits of Using WAM

  • Opening/Closing of Trades by Good Life Advisors
  • All Rebalancing & Model Changes by Good Life Advisors
  • Advisor fee of 15 BPs on Assets
  • Client Approved Reports for Each Model Created Monthly
  • Appropriate for Taxable and Non-Taxable Accounts
  • No Client Paperwork
  • 3 or 6 month DCA on Request
  • No Minimum Account Balance
  • Access to Marketing Materials on Each Model
  • Never Have a Missed Distribution
  • Dynamic Rebalancing
  • Cash Maintenance for Client Distributions
  • Ability to lock positions

Characteristics of WAM

Within WAM there are 6 risk tolerance based allocations. See below.

Equity Position

A – Income with Capital Preservation 20/80

B – Income with Moderate Growth 40/60

C1 – Balanced 50/50

C2 – Growth and Income 60/40

D – Capital Growth 80/20

E – Aggressive Growth 100

Total Internal Expense Range : 8 – 113 bps