The modern independent financial advisor is a multi-faceted individual. Not only does independence come with a great deal of upside in monetary compensation, it also comes with the burden of being a business owner. Not only do financial advisors need to provide a quality service to your clientele, you need to make sure you have the proper printer, the electrical bill was paid or possibly needing to upgrade or fix some portion of your technology and don’t know where to start. These are examples of the basic struggles of being an independent financial advisor.

At Good Life Advisors, we have a multitude of services and personnel to assist in the most basic of office needs. From simply consulting on lease negotiations and technology outfitting to the full outsourcing of the office operation, we provide a service to aid in the difficult and detailed process of building an office and being an independent business owner. If you wish to outsource the “business side” of being an independent financial advisor, Good Life Advisors will provide office space for you with the Partnership affiliation model provided exclusively by Good Life Advisors.

Within a Partnership affiliation with Good Life Advisors, financial advisors need not worry about hanging the
flat screen in their new office or programming the printer. The office lease, utilities, furniture and physical
technology are all paid for, installed, set up and maintained by Good Life Advisors. Your responsibility as an
advisor is to focus on your transition, your clientele and maintaining your sanity in a time of change.