Your connections can be worth more than you think.


Leverage the power of your network to help continually build the Good Life community of advisors and receive a reward.

Submit a qualified advisor referral as part of the Advisor Referral Rewards Program and Good Life will match the LPL payment up to $40,000* if your referral affiliates with Good Life and LPL Financial this year and meets the eligibility requirements.

For questions, contact Amanda Schultz at (610) 320-2156.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a current Good Life/LPL Financial advisor
  • Must introduce the referred advisor to Good Life and be involved in the recruiting process
  • Cannot have any additional economic interest in the referral affiliating with LPL

The referred advisor must:

  • Possess either a Series 6 or 7 registration
  • Have a validated minimum of either $100,000 in trailing 12-month production or $10 million in transferable assets under management (AUM)
  • Not already be engaged with Good Life or LPL Business Development or any other recruiting firm.


  • The amount of the total referral reward will be a match of the calculated 2% of the Advisor’s verified trailing 12-month revenue (“TTM”). The amount shall not exceed $40,000
  • Payment of reward will be processed 90 days from the referred advisor’s registration date with LPL, and the referring advisor must be registered with LPL at the time of payment
  • The total amount shall not exceed $40,000 (max of $20,000 from LPL, matched by Good Life).

*LPL Financial will provide final approval of eligible analysis of prior firm proof of production supplied at time of registration by referred advisor. Payment is at LPL’s discretion based on profitability analysis.