Financial Advisor Training Program

Our team at Good Life understands the importance of training prior to transitioning and understands the importance of having a post transition training period. This all-encompassing training program makes certain our advisors are prepared to onboard and are prepared to run their practice efficiently following their transition. The post transition period insures a smooth hand off to the advisor and their staff. It is done in format so they can run their business on their own following the completion of the work done by the transition team at Good Life.

The first training item that takes place is a pre-transition call. This occurs once the advisor is approved by LPL and signs the Good Life offer letter. This call gives our transition team an opportunity to gain a full understanding of the advisor’s practice and provides the team the chance to outlay the various account types, what can and can’t move, and discuss how the full transition process with the advisor. For advisors that want to do a home office visit, these items are reviewed in person.

Pre-Transitions Training:
If necessary – home office visit (sample agenda attached). All items are handled in person.
• Hold a pre-transitions call (sample questionnaire attached)
• Map book of business
• Review blank client spreadsheet and discuss how to fill out for transition day
• Discuss all third party managers (if they are affected)
• Discuss annuity/insurance appointments required
• Go through salesforce overview
• Navigating branchnet to find clients during transitions
• Financial planning software introduction
• Client AccountView overview

Post Transitions Training
This training is held once the advisor is approximately 75% through their transition. We have metrics built into salesforce to track every advisor’s transition progress in order to know when to begin the post transition training program. The classes are held virtually on GO TO Meeting.

Class Schedule
• Searching for client accounts
• Updating client account profiles (change of address, risk tolerance, fee adjustments etc)
• Checking notifications and alerts
• Checking iDocs
• Checking account transfers
• Networking direct business accounts
• Advisor portal review
• Resource center review
• Calling Good Life home office and Service 360 team

• Opening accounts on branchnet
• Processing new account forms

• Generating Portfolio Manager Reports
• Client grouping
• Account view
• Cash and journal utility (Move Money Tool)
• Branchnet Trading
• Processing Securities and Checks

• Salesforce Navigation
• Salesforce Reports and Opportunities
• Mass E-mailing in Salesforce

• Systematic Trade Set up
• Dividend Reinvesting/Distribution Options

• Enhanced Trading System

• Annuity order entry
• Running insurance quotes/ variable business processing

• Processing Business at GLIA