Financial Advisor Business Development

At Good Life, we go beyond simply helping our advisors to transition to independence. We work to help your business thrive with a full range of services that can be customized to your specific needs. Learn more about our financial advisor business development services, and get in touch today.

Establishing Your Business

We provide everything you need to establish your business. Get up and running as quickly as possible with:

Transition Services

From planning and paperwork to post-transition support and beyond, our team will work to ensure your transition is as seamless and stress-free as possible. We’ll help you define and achieve your vision.

Real Estate

Our expert real estate team can help you find the perfect office space for your needs. We offer consulting, lease negotiations, technology outfitting and more to set up your practice’s physical space.

Branding & Website

We provide a complete branding package for our advisors. From choosing your business name and designing your logo to building a modern website, we’ll get you ready to promote your business.

Ongoing Support & Business Growth

Never accept the status quo. Leverage our services to help you manage your practice’s day-to-day operations, bring in new leads, and grow your business:


We’ll work closely with you to build a custom marketing plan, which can include a full range of services from content marketing and branding to SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and more.

Lead Generation

Our Revenue Generating Activity Center (RGAC) can help you grow your book of business with access to qualified leads including high net worth, retirement plan, insurance, and recruiting leads.

Virtual Practice Management

Leverage practice management support with an outsourced Good Life office assistant. Let us handle your day-to-day administrative tasks so you can free up your time to take on and serve more clients.

Outsourced Financial Planning

Whether you’re an insurance advisor who would like to take on a new line of business or an experienced financial advisor who would like to take on more business, our outsourced financial planning services can help.

Our Business Development Process

Here’s how easy it is to work with Good Life business development specialists to build your business:

  • Create relationship with advisor
  • Advisor completes a business analysis questionnaire with Good Life to help us analyze advisor’s book of business
  • Advisor provides proof of GDC and AUM
  • LPL puts advisor through GRC review
  • Advisor completes
  • If advisor is full service, real estate discovery phase begins while advisor is in review
  • Based upon BAQ (advisory vs brokerage business) and needs of the advisor (full service vs. client model), an offer letter is generated
  • Advisor agrees to custom offer letter written by Good Life and LPL signed offer letter
  • Real Estate team signs the lease and buildout punch list goes into effect
  • Custom timeline is created depending on advisor transition date (preferably 4-6 weeks prior to resignation day)
  • Weekly call with LPL and Good Life is set up for the same time and day each week to keep advisor on track with LPL onboarding process and Good Life onboarding process
  • Calls are established with all Good Life departments to take advisor through specific onboarding processes
  • Pre-transitions call is held with transition team to discuss how to complete client transition spreadsheet and for team to understand their book of business
  • Pre-training calls are held to teach advisor how to operate on LPL platform/Good Life procedures
  • Marketing Department begins creating DBA, LOGO and color scheme, and customizing all marketing materials. Existing marketing materials are updated to reflect new titles, office information and disclosures
  • Good Life Insurance Agency discusses the overall platform and what product lines are available. They map over their insurance book of business and work to begin getting contracting kits in place
  • Investment department trains advisor on the WAM offering and how the trading system works at LPL

Let’s Get Started

To learn more about our business development services and get started, contact us today!