In order to minimize the cost of administering payroll to your support staff, Good Life offers a payroll service where the organization bears the burden of administering the payroll for your staff, you only cover taxes and salary.


With all that is going on with private health insurance plans, most Americans are experiencing a tremendous rise in premiums no matter what carrier, plan type or coverage they have. These rate hikes are impacting nearly everyone no matter what your income is to the tune of 10-75% in increased cost.

Good Life has the opportunity to extend group health insurance through a national carrier for all of our 1099 independent advisor-entrepreneurs. Additionally, for their staff, not only is health insurance through us an option, but we will also execute payroll and offer the staff access to our 401(k) plan. Enhancing employee benefits in your practice drives retention and morale. Instead of figuring it out on your own, tap into our existing successful benefit plan.