Wealth Allocation Models (WAM)

The Wealth Allocation Models, or “WAM”, is a model overlay service comprised of mutual funds and ETF’s with all trading done in-house. With WAM, advisors have a powerful resource to aid in the management of client assets through diversified asset allocation models. WAM is comprised of risk tolerance-based models that are easy to set up and centrally managed by the internal research team at Good Life. This compliant, cost-effective solution allows advisors to deliver innovative strategies while increasing service capacity and expanding the range of clients served profitably.


• Opening & closing of trades on your behalf
• Includes all rebalancing & model changes
• Access to branded proposal generation and risk tolerance software
• Appropriate for taxable and non-taxable accounts
• No additional client signature(s) needed
• 3 or 6 month DCA by request
• Access to marketing materials on each model
• Cash maintenance for client distributions & contributions
• Ability to lock positions