Financial Advisor Practice Management

Ready to take your practice to the next level? With Good Life financial advisor practice management services, our Virtual Practice Management team can provide ongoing support for all of your day-to-day operations. This program is offered to all affiliated advisors and can be utilized on a temporary or permanent basis. Contact us today for assistance managing your firm!

Key Benefits

Here are just a few reasons to outsource your practice management needs with Good Life:

Save Time

Save time by outsourcing your non-revenue generating administrative activities to our expert team. We’ll work to streamline your operations while giving your clients the full attention they deserve.

Stay Focused

Stay on track with your vision by leveraging our services to help keep your operations up to speed. You can delegate tasks to us permanently or on an as-needed basis with full confidence.

Save Money

By outsourcing with us, you can eliminate the costs of an in-house office administrator (training, equipment, insurance, etc.) while leveraging high-quality services for your business and clients.

Client Relationships

From sending friendly appointment reminders to assisting clients with account set up and running reports for our advisors, we can help you deliver exceptional customer service.

Flexible Service Packages

We offer affordable, customizable service packages to best meet your firm’s needs:

Phone Assistance Only

Just need some assistance managing calls? No problem. We can route calls to our experienced service providers, with budget-friendly weekly and monthly plans.

Full Back Office Support

We can handle all of your day-to-day practice management needs, from answering phones to account opening, account maintenance and more. Daily, weekly, and monthly plans are available.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of financial advisor practice management services, including:

  • Assist with answering phones during business hours
  • Prepare applications for client appointments and provide them to advisors for printing
  • Process account opening documents
  • Process move money transactions
  • Open new accounts and send paperwork to client via E-signature
  • Handle notifications regarding any account issues
  • Track account transfers through CRM system, notify advisor when accounts are funded
  • Submit items to compliance and track progress
  • Process remote deposits
  • Completion of trading with Advisor’s instruction
  • Weekly meetings between assistant and advisor to confirm tasks
  • On call to contact the service desk
  • Establish and maintain Client Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Assist with managing when advisor needs to meet and contact each client
  • Run reports and monitor client database
  • Track and monitor client events and associated tasks
  • Schedule appointments for clients who are due reviews or have requested appointments
  • Remind clients of appointments via phone call or email
  • Confirm appointment meeting notes were logged for held appointments and any follow-up items were handled
  • Assist clients with Account View set up and maintenance
  • Run and monitor mass communication campaigns through your CRM system
  • Schedule date, time and location with all vendors and facilitate reimbursement
  • Create invitation and submit to compliance for approval
  • Mail invitation to clients
  • Handle all appropriate RSVPs

Let’s Get Started

Team up with Good Life Virtual Practice Management to reduce stress, protect cash flow, eliminate administrative hassles and allow you to focus on generating revenue for your business. Contact us today for more information.