The Virtual Assistant Program offered through Good Life Companies is a way for financial advisors to leverage support
through an outsourced office assistant. This program is offered to financial advisors that affiliate with Good Life and can be utilized on a temporary or permanent basis. This is a broad program that offers assistance in basic office tasks, answering phones, paperwork and account opening, appointment setting and meeting preparation, event planning as well as personal business matters.

With the effective use of modern technology, all phone calls, emails, physical mail and beyond can be forwarded to your virtual assistant. Weekly meetings will be arranged to lay out plans with action items and tasks for the upcoming week. Calendars will be synched and assistants will communicate messages periodically throughout the day as needed to keep you, as the advisor, abreast of all happenings within your office.

Administrative Support
• Answering phones
• Prepare applications for client appointments, scan and upload documents
• Process account opening documents
• Handle notifications on BranchNet
• Track account transfers through your CRM system, notify advisor when accounts are funded
• On call to contact service desk
• Submit items to compliance and track progress
Client Relationship Management
• Monitoring of client data base
• Track and monitor client events and associated tasks
• Run reports on client data
• Run and monitor mass communication campaigns through your CRM system
Event Planning
• Schedule date, time, location with all vendors
• Create invitation and get approved with ComplianceMAX
• Mail invitation to clients
• Handle all appropriate RSVPs
• Facilitate reimbursement process as needed