WHY Good Life?

Good Life is the culmination of a small group of Financial Advisors that came together to create a platform and culture for other Financial Advisors that are also in the pursuit of their own vision of the Good Life. By providing an exemplary level of service, our mission is to aid in the streamlining of business operations and day-to-day activities of our affiliated Advisors. This streamlining moves to modernize the way Advisors function and simplify daily activities. By simplifying the processes of Advisors, providing a high level of support and access to industry leading technology, the job of the advisor is structured so that he or she may have the benefit of more time and more control over his or her operation.

More time can equate to many things. In the modern independent financial practice, more time can mean the ability to focus more of your efforts on other things besides operational inefficiencies. The ability to concentrate more of your time on client service or marketing, growth, your home life, or all of the above is something that can be achieved by focusing your efforts on what’s significant right now. All too often we squander our time on remedial tasks that don’t add value and are simply a product of antiquated processes we’ve become accustomed to through the firms with which we have been affiliated. That time is over. The adoption of efficient processes in your financial practice is the first step in the direction of time saving. What you do with your extra time is up to you.

More control over your business is something that most people wish for in their visions of being an independent business owner. Your business, is just that: your business. By implementing the systems, technology and processes put forth by Good Life, you begin to experience the best practices of the Advisors that have joined the Good Life and aided in the development of the product we offer today. An affiliation with Good Life is an investment into the infrastructure of your business and an affiliation that can help you in the direction of running a smooth, well-organized, professional financial practice.

At Good Life, we pride ourselves in the philosophy with which so many of us grew up. Hard, diligent work produces results. Coupled with a contemporary perspective and usage of efficient technology, we bring our blue-collar work ethic to a white-collar industry. Through our deep-seeded core values we believe that it is in all of our best interest to put our best foot forward both professionally and personally to provide the highest level of service we can to our customers, the American public. We do this in the pursuit to not only lead a Good Life, but a great one.